How to Win in Life Every Day

Does it feel like bad things always happen to you?  No matter how hard you try you never seem to win in life.  What if I told you that can change?  You can start winning. Now.

Win in Life Every Day

Several months ago I had just started a new position at work and felt completely overwhelmed.  No matter how hard I tried, I just felt unsuccessful.  Nothing was making sense.  Information overload!

This stressful situation bled into my home life and my coaching business.  Even there I felt empty and like a loser.

I told my wife one evening, “I just need a win in my life today!”  So, I got one!

What did I do?  I pulled out the glass cleaner and some paper towels and cleaned the front glass door to our house.  Yes, I cleaned a glass door and felt like a champion!

Do you need a win in life today?  Let’s look at 3 ways you can find your win in life every day.

#1: Find that one thing you can do well, and do it!

We all have things that we excel at called our strengths.  As much as it depends on us, we need to spend the majority of our time utilizing our strengths.

If you can cook, prepare a meal!  Can you sew?  Fashion a blanket!  Are you a painter?  Create a masterpiece!

Small victories will lead to larger ones, so start to win in life today.

#2: Change your mindset from failing to growing.

A second aspect of how to win in life every day involves a change in mindset.  We must stop thinking that we fail, and instead embracing that we grow.

No champion olympic sprinter started his career winning right from the starting line.  It took years of disciplined effort, of waking up early to train, of staying later after practice, and of constant repetition and correction.

A sprinter knows that he can identify small, almost insignificant techniques and perfect them to win.

But more than just improving and growing, a sprinter wins each time they set foot on the track no matter the outcome.

Those who show up consistently win at life…always.

#3: Embrace difficulty as necessary in the road to success.

Maybe the difficulties you face weigh you down.  They make you feel like every day has more losses than wins.

To win in life, we must embrace difficulty.  There are no shortcuts no matter how much you may want them.

If you want to lose ten pounds, expect difficulty.  But do it anyway!  It won’t be easy, but so what.

Any success that is truly worth it will be covered in difficulty.  You can’t get to a beautiful diamond without carefully removing all of the substances attached to it.

When difficulty comes, ask for advice and take action.

So, start each day with a win in life, and see what new horizons await you.

Committed and consistent work pays off; get-rich-quick schemes are ripoffs. – Proverbs 28:20 (MSG)




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