Why You Should Stop Trying to Be Perfect

There’s a false belief that needs to be corrected.  Your trust in this false belief is preventing you from accomplishing your goals.  What is this false belief?

Why You Should Stop Trying to Be Perfect

It’s the myth that we need to be perfect in order to be successful and accomplish our goals.

When we were all young and first learned how to ride a bike, we fell off or ran into things multiple times.  There was no way that we would have known exactly how to ride the bike our very first time.

We simply had to just start trying, falling, learning, correcting, and then doing it well!

Any goal you want to reach in your life is no different, so here are 3 reasons why you should stop trying to be perfect and just get started!

Reason #1: We are not capable of even being perfect.

Have you ever heard someone say that they are a perfectionist? What that person probably means is they really like to have control which is a great strength to have.

The problem lies in that it is impossible to be perfect.  You cannot reach every goal you set, especially if your goal is unrealistic.

For example, if you have never run a marathon, you cannot expect to just put some tennis shoes on and go out and run one.  You will probably fail to finish.

While running a marathon is not a goal of mine, I know that I would need months of training before I would be ready.

So, do not limit yourself by setting an unrealistic goal.

Reason #2: We usually have false expectations.

I am the king of procrastination when there is something I know needs to be done, but I don’t feel confident that I can do it well…like writing blog posts!  My mantra growing up used to be, “if it can’t be done well and perfectly, it’s not worth even trying.”

What a limiting way to think!  Who knows what activities or hobbies I could have enjoyed more if I just tried them?

Are you missing out on starting a new business, getting a new job, or finding a new hobby all because you think it won’t end well?

Reason #3: We need to be consistent, not perfect.

Consistent action beats perfection every time!

Success in life is often what I call a numbers game.  We have to do something often enough in order for a ratio to appear.

If I needed to create the best clay pot ever, I would need to make my way through multiple versions before I ever got the best one. There is no way that I could try once and create the best.

So, pick up that cookbook, write that first blog post, paint that portrait, play that guitar, and start doing whatever it is that you most desire.

Don’t waste your time trying to get it “just right”.  Instead, just get going and keep going!


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