If You Want to Win, Start Showing Up

With the 2016 Summer Olympics being broadcast almost all day long, we have had the opportunity to witness some incredible, world-class talents compete for the chance to win a Gold, Silver, or Bronze medal.  It is amazing to think that they spend 4 years training for their “one” chance at a medal.  As spectators, we marvel at their athletic capabilities and think, “Wow, how can they do that?”  Well, they all began their journey the same way we can begin any journey ourselves: just show up.

Now, I know you must be thinking that is too simple and that will never get you closer to your goals in life.  After all, don’t we need motivation, encouragement, excitement, and joy?!?  Those are all fantastic feelings, but they come and go and should not be relied on long term.

Just showing up consistently works over time!  Let’s say you have a specific goal in mind.  For example, maybe you want to write a book about the top ten best ways to travel this summer, and you do not know where to begin.  Instead of mapping everything out and finding a publisher or taking a course on how to write a book, what if you just showed up and started writing?  Literally get out your computer, pen and paper, or your smart phone and start writing.  Then, do that the next day and then the next.  When those times come that you “don’t feel like it”, just show up anyway.  Sit at your desk and turn your computer on.  Do not tell yourself, “Well, I can skip this time because I just don’t have any inspiration.”  Just show up!

My wife and I have used this strategy to get back into consistent physical exercise.  We will even look at each other and say, “Okay, let’s just put the DVD in and push play and celebrate!”  You know what, at times this feels so silly, but I know it’s working!  We have exercised the most consistently this summer than we have in almost 2 years by just showing up!

My good friend and best-selling author, Stephen Guise, says it best in his latest book How to Be an Imperfectionist when he states, “Your best chance to reach your big dreams is through small goals in quantity.”  So friends, keep showing up every day and watch your small goals multiply and maybe even one day allow you to win your own Gold medal.

Stay encouraged and keep moving forward!


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