The Most Important Rule to Remember When Climbing

The Most Important Rule to Remember When Mountain Climbing


Several weeks ago my buddy took me on a 12 mile journey over the river and through the woods and to the top of the mountain we went! I was only going to be there for a few days, so he really wanted me to experience a fantastic climb that led us through a part of the Rocky Mountains all the way to Sky Pond. It was such an incredible journey for me even though I was exhausted and sore the following week. As we got closer to the waterfall in the picture above, he stopped me and said, “Now watch me as I go up first, and remember keep 3 points of contact with the ground at all times.”

Did you catch that? I think it is worth repeating again, “Watch me as I go up first, and always keep 3 points of contact with the ground.” Since that trip, this climbing lesson has stuck with me in relating to more things than just climbing. So let’s break down what he told me a little bit more.

1. Watch Me As I Go Up First.

When we are children we learn a lot by watching those around us, and truthfully that never stops even as we age. We may forget the influence that others have around us, but nevertheless the pull is still strong. Are you trying to learn something new? Maybe you are trying to start your own online business, and you are doing everything you can but it just doesn’t seem to be working. Let me encourage you by saying, “Learn from someone who is doing it well.” Read their materials, watch their videos, and purchase their training programs. People have gone before you, so don’t be afraid to watch, learn, and even pay them to help you in your journey.

Leader Climbing

2. Keep 3 Points of Contact.

When climbing a mountain, 3 points of contact keep you balanced at all times. My friend said that when you keep at least 3 contact points you can better manage any stumbles or slippery terrain. This immediately brings to mind Dan Miller’s 3 legged stool lesson for finding your sweet spot in a career. Dan teaches that you have to find a place where Passion, Talent, and a Paying Market all merge in the center. If any one of those legs are missing, the stool cannot stand on its own.

So whether you are climbing a waterfall, starting your own business, or finding a better job fit, remember to watch and learn from those who are ahead of you and keep those 3 points of contact (or legs of a stool) on the ground at all times.

Stay encouraged, my friends!


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