Ready Fire Aim: Launching Yourself From Decision to Action

Some of us are ready, some of us are firing, and some of us have taken aim.  Where are you?  Have you gotten ready for change?  Are you aiming for your next accomplishment?  Are you launching or firing your next big thing?  Or are you in the group of people who are still trying to decide what to do?

For the past 7 years I had been following this path: Ready Aim Wait, turn and look at that new idea and Ready Aim Wait!  Over and over again, I would get myself ready to jump into a new business idea and even take Aim at a target audience, but I would never pull the trigger and fire.  Something was holding me back, but I just could not figure out what it was.  Lack of motivation?  Lack of willpower?  Not knowing enough?  Fear?

I never could pinpoint any specific thing until one day I realized what it was.  I was not taking consistent action!  Oh sure, I would take a little action and “dip my toe in the water” so to speak, but it was never consistent enough to see any results.  And because of that, I found myself moving from one idea to the next constantly trying to make sure I had everything together to start something great.

In Andy Stanley’s book The Principle of the Path he says that “direction not intention determines your destination.”  And I want to take that idea a step further and add that “consistent action in a focused direction determines your destination.”  If you find yourself struggling to figure it all out like I was then do what I did and just get started with something.  For me, I offered to coach my sister who was going through a job transition, and I began writing blogs here on 48Days.Net and my website,  Am I making income off of my blog or coaching my sister right now?  No, I am not; however, I decided that I can figure out how to make income along the way.  I just needed to get started and set a goal to write one blog post every single Thursday no matter what, and that is what I am doing.

What about you?  Are you swirling in a sea of decisions and have yet to take action on any of them?  My encouragement to you would be to just pick one thing and start doing it consistently and see where it takes you.  Maybe it will only ever be a hobby, but what if it could turn into something more for you and your family?  If you never fire, you’ll never know.

Ready Fire Aim and see what happens.


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