The ONE Thing Holding You Back From Success

“Oh, I could never do that because I don’t know enough.”  “I don’t have enough money.”  “I don’t know anyone.”  Those are statements that I had uttered for the past 8 years.  The thrill of starting a business and breaking out on my own had always been a strong desire for me, but I always came up with an excuse for why I never seemed to be successful in any of them.  I had convinced myself that I was just a “jack of all trades but a master of none.”

Have you ever felt that way?  I know I have, and I want to share with you the missing piece to my success puzzle.

Two months ago, my wife and I adopted a puppy.  It was the typical story – we saw her, fell in love, and had to have her.   But for two people who have never trained a dog much less house trained a dog, we had no idea the challenges that would follow.  We are in the midst of obedience school with her, and it has been a struggle for her and us!  This week we have been working on trying to get her to sit and stay for a longer period of time and at a greater distance away from us, and she has NOT been getting it.  With each day our frustration and anger would increase to the point that we would give up and say things like, “You are not listening and you cannot do this right!  We are so mad at you!  Why can’t you just listen and obey us!”  As we thought more about why this week had been such a struggle we began to realize what the problem was.  It was US!  We had been the barrier to not only her success, but also to our own success at being good puppy parents.  So, this afternoon, we took the focus off of her and instead asked what we could do differently.  Were we giving her praise, smiles, and treats so that she had rewards for doing a job well done?  When we changed ourselves, we began to see success in her obedience and in our confidence that her training was going well.

So, what is the one thing holding you back from success?  It’s YOU!  It’s not your circumstances, the people around you, the government, your friends or lack of them, your unemployment, or your current job.  You are in control of you, and no one else is.

Start off by examining yourself and your thought life.  Then, begin making positive changes by reading great books, listening to great speakers, staying physically active, eating clean and healthy food, and getting lots of rest.  Lastly, be consistent and forgiving when you mess up down the road because you will.  Each day is a new opportunity to be better than the last one, so let’s all get in the game and get “US” out of the way of our success.


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