If You Want to Be a Millionaire, Start Making Your Bed

Several years ago, I attended a leadership conference in Fort Worth, Texas where one of the speakers shared his “secret” to becoming a millionaire he had learned from his grandmother as a young boy.  She always told him growing up that if he wanted to become something special and great in his life, he needed to go upstairs and make his bed every single day.

Honestly, when I heard this I thought it was ridiculous.  How could making my bed be the first step to becoming a millionaire?  The speaker then went on to explain that the act and eventual habit of making his bed every day was the catalyst that led him to form other disciplines and habits.  You see, he did not want to make his bed so he just never did.  Not only that, he did not want to clean up his room, to do his chores, and to do his homework.  But when he took action and started by making his bed every day, he learned to rewire his thoughts and began making better choices in his life.

What do you think about this?  Do you think that making your bed can lead to you becoming a millionaire?  I’m not making any promises that it will, but I will promise you this.  If you start with consistent action, progress will follow eventually.  The only way to get better at a particular craft or finally have a thriving business is to take action.

So, start somewhere in your house with something that you could absolutely do every day.  If that means making your bed, then do it!  For me, I have started to put my dirty clothes in the hamper and hang up my clean clothes every day rather than throwing them on the floor for later.  And you know what?  Since I have started doing that, my kitchen sink has been staying clean too.  Before you know it, my house may be spotless, and I know my wife would be so happy about that!  And with a clean house, maybe my notebooks and helpful training materials would be organized.  And then maybe I would start writing every day.  And then maybe I would publish several books and training materials.  And then maybe I will have a business that is producing consistent income.  And then maybe that business will impact thousands of lives.  And then maybe I will sell enough product that I do become a millionaire, and you know what?  What if that all happened because I decided to start putting my dirty clothes in the hamper?

What could happen in your life if you started making your bed every day?!?


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