How to Increase Productivity at Work

Would you like to increase your productivity at work?  Do you struggle with too many items on your to-do list and not enough time to complete them?

Increase Productivity

If you answered yes to those questions, then you identify with numerous others.  Increasing productivity is not as difficult as it may sound.  Let’s look at 10 tips to increase productivity at work this week.

#1: Minimize distractions.

Do you have a deadline to meet?  Then you have to minimize the number of interruptions you face.  Turn off your email or text notifications.  Mark your status as busy or do not disturb for a couple hours.

If you want to increase productivity, you have to minimize distractions.

#2: Utilize focused blocks of time.

If you are anything like me, I struggle with distractions.  But if I have taken steps to minimize those distractions, now I need to use a focused block of time.

The best way I have been able to increase productivity at work is to set a timer.  You may have to choose different blocks of time to see what works best for you.  I have found that about 25 minutes is best for me.

So, set that timer and work as effectively as you can.

#3: Create a daily to-do list.

I’m talking about a written to-do list.  Yes, grab a piece of paper and write down every crucial item you would like to accomplish.

Then, as you finish items, mark them off your list.

#4: Ask more questions.

Often times we seem overwhelmed in our daily jobs because we simply cannot be an expert in everything.  This is when we need to ask more questions.

Ask your seasoned coworkers for their advice.  Ask your customers to clarify their requests or complaints.  To increase productivity, you must reach out to others.

#5: Consider an alternate work schedule.

Maybe you lose focus at work because of your home life.  Have you considered an alternate schedule?

If your company allows you to work at home or even to work 4 ten hour days instead of 5 eight hour days, you may want to consider taking advantage of those options.  I know for me, I often find myself the most productive when I am working at home for the day.

#6: Listen to music.

The office environment has so many distractions.  People walk by.  Telephones are ringing.  Meetings are being conducted.

If you can, put in your headphones and put on some music that helps you focus.  Instrumental or classical music works the best for me.  If you need some suggestions, simply go online and search for study music.

#7: Make quick decisions on easy things.

A simple way to increase productivity at work is to make quick decisions on easy things.  Sometimes this is difficult if you are in a new position, but it should become easier as you learn more.

#8: Reschedule and cancel unnecessary meetings.

Meetings are not always in your control, but there’s nothing wrong with suggesting to reschedule or even cancel from time to time.

Consider the scope of the meeting itself.  Could it be discussed through an email chain?  Would a phone call do the job?

If the goal is to increase productivity, you must be protective of your time.

#9: Take scheduled breaks throughout the day.

Have you ever found yourself sitting at your desk in frustration not able to solve a customer’s question?

Take a break!

Yes, get up from your desk, go outside if you can, and take a 10-15 minute break.  It’s amazing how your mind clears and you often find yourself able to answer that “impossible” question once you come back to your desk.

#10: Recap the day and plan for tomorrow.

Some people call it “highs and lows”.  Spend the last 15 minutes of each day recapping your to-do list and planning for tomorrow.

Did you mark everything off your list?  Do you need to see what meetings you have coming up?  Take the time to get yourself set and ready before your next day even begins.

Everyone wants to be more productive and successful at work.  If you want to increase productivity, give these tips a shot and let me know what you think!



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