How to Increase Production with Less Time

Do you feel stretched thin with more to do and less time to do it?

According to a report found on, “80% of workers feel stress on the job, nearly half say they need help in learning how to manage stress and 42% say their coworkers need such help.”

Perhaps more alarming is that out of the 80% who expressed feelings of stress, half of those reported it was due to their workload.

So, if you find yourself in that 80% of people who report on the job stress, consider these tips to help increase your production with less time.

Tip#1: Organize your work space.

Too many employees who report being stressed have trouble finding the projects they are working on because their work space is cluttered.  If you or someone you know is always misplacing items, they may need a better organization system at their desk.

Use folders to file paperwork with clear labels before storing them in a cabinet for easy access.

On your computer, make sure to create folders to organize your important documents, and keep them organized and up to date.

If your goal is to feel less stressed, start at the source of something you can control – your desk.

Tip#2: Eliminate distractions.

If a project deadline is in two weeks, but you have not started, what do you do?

Eliminate all possible distractions.

Turn off your notifications on all your devices.  Close your email and other accounts that provide constant updates.

Even if you have to put up a “do not disturb” sign, go ahead and put it up!  There is nothing wrong with doing whatever is necessary to provide focused blocks of time for you to be more productive.

Tip#3: Prioritize your time.

What items are the most important in your actual work?  Take a few minutes to jot down your tasks and put them in order of most important to least important.

Now that you have that list, give each task a deadline to be completed, and then start on the first task.

No matter what you hear, you cannot multi-task.  Your brain is not capable of truly focusing on two things at one time. So, only work on one task at a time.

Tip#4: Take small breaks throughout the day.

In your normal day-to-day routine, take regularly scheduled breaks.

You need time to categorize all of the thoughts and ideas you’ve had.  So, make sure you do something fun. Go for a quick walk.  Grab a cup of coffee.  Sit outside and relax by focusing your vision on the sky, the trees, or objects that are far off in the distance.

When you come back from your break, you may find that your mind is refreshed and ready to finish what you were working on.  Often, you can even get past whatever sticking point you had simply by walking away for a bit.

Tip#5: Share your work with others.

You may have heard the phrase, “No man is an island.”  Generally, this refers to the idea that we cannot do life alone.

Well, even if you are a solo-preneur, you cannot accomplish everything all by yourself.  Bounce your challenges and ideas off a close friend for a new perspective.  Send a survey out to your customers to see what they think.

No matter what it takes, don’t be afraid to let someone else handle something for you.  Focus your time on what you do best.  Too much time spent on “meaningless” tasks slows you down and stresses you out.

I hope these tips increase your production while helping you save time.



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