How to Improve Your Success at Work

Feeling stuck at a certain level in your career?

That’s what most professionals have felt at one time or another.  There’s a lot to juggle and many directions you are being pulled.  You work really hard to get that next promotion or secure that next customer account for your business, but it just doesn’t feel like you are becoming more successful.

The good news is, there are some easy solutions to improve your success at work.

And better yet…all of these solutions are in your control!

1) Ask your manager for an evaluation.

Unless you are the owner of your own company, you should take the time to ask your manager for an evaluation.  Perhaps you have one vision of where you are, and he/she has another.  Take the time to sit down and develop a plan with your manager that allows you to see immediate and future success.

If you own your own business, you need to think of your best customers as your manager.  What do they say and think about you?  Are you going above and beyond your normal duties?  Are you meeting and exceeding your goals?

Your promotions and pay will increase if you have your managers and customers complete support and assistance in reaching that next level of success at work.

2) Cultivate a positive mindset.

Nothing great was ever accomplished by anyone who did not believe that it could be done.  Start by reading good books that encourage and develop your thought process.  Surround yourselves with positive people who uplift others and are striving to become more successful just like you.

Not only will a positive belief increase your chances of being more successful, it will also increase your likeability.  Everyone notices and appreciates a person who has a positive outlook.  Your chances for that next promotion are greater when people like you.

3) Learn and develop new skills.

Maybe the only thing holding you back from the next jump in your career is a certain set of skills.  Would learning photo design, accounting, or some other program increase your chance of nailing that next interview?

While there may be some technical skills or programs that could boost your opportunity for a promotion, don’t forget that effective communication is the most important.

It doesn’t matter if you are more introverted, more extroverted, or anywhere in between, you must learn to communicate effectively if you want to become more successful.  Some of the most effective communication skills are making eye contact, smiling, remembering someone’s name, and listening while nodding.

4) Know your strengths and focus on them.

No one person is good at everything, but we all have talents and strengths where we really thrive.  Often in corporate and self-employment settings, we are pulled in directions that are not “natural”, and we struggle to truly feel like we fit.

Find the strengths that you have and spend most of your time in those areas.  If you are strong in leadership, then find more ways to lead in your current role.  If you have strength in encouragement, find ways to use your encouragement.

In all honesty, no career is immune from having to stretch outside of our personality and strengths from time to time, but we must be intentional about staying within our strengths.

I believe that your personal success is right around the corner if you begin to take ownership of your life and make the daily choices necessary to get you there.  It’s not just about a destination so much as it is about who we become in the journey.

Pick yourself up wherever you are and move forward today!




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