Gosh, It’s Hard to Breathe!

Have you ever been hiking or camping in higher elevations?  If you have, you know that as you climb to higher altitudes it becomes more difficult to breathe.  This is because the air pressure is lower which makes it more difficult for oxygen to enter our lungs and blood stream.  If you do not stop and let your body adjust to the new pressure, you can get headaches, nose bleeds, and even get “altitude sickness.”

After spending a few days hiking in elevations anywhere from 8,000 to 14,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains, I began to notice that my body was adjusting a lot better.  Even so, there were numerous times I just could not keep up with my friend who has lived and hiked there for 4 years, and I did not know what to do other than to stop and rest.

Stop and rest.  Did you catch that?  I really had no other option physically but to stop, rest, and let my body adjust to my newer surroundings.  And this got me thinking.  I wonder, how many of us are so busy in our daily lives that we feel we cannot breathe anymore.  Maybe we just need to stop and rest for a minute.

I can tell you this.  Those times that I did stop and rest, I was able to see things that I might have otherwise missed.  I remember one such time there was a dark black and blue bird that I have never seen before and probably would not have seen if I had not been sitting and catching my breath.  I was even fortunate to snap a few photos of it before it flew away.

Our bodies were not designed to be “on” 24/7.  You may think, “Well if I just keep pushing I will get there.”  Now, that may be true at times, but it is important to recognize the overall season of life we find ourselves in to know when to keep pushing and when we should stop and allow ourselves to acclimate to our surroundings.

So my friends, take time to stop and rest this week.  It might just be exactly what you need to keep going and get to the top of your mountain.


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