How to Declutter Your Life in a Week

Do you feel you are at a point where you need to declutter your life?  Maybe you have so many responsibilities that you find yourself at a breaking point.  If you are asked to do something one more time you will snap!

declutter your house

Well, hang on!  Relief is in sight!

Let’s look at some top ideas to organize and declutter your life so that you can breathe again!

Idea #1: Declutter your kitchen.

Most families spend the majority of their time in and out of the kitchen, so it makes sense to begin with this room.

For starters, completely empty the dishwasher, clean your kitchen sink, and wipe down your countertops.  Then, begin to see if you can file away or trash that stack of letters, bills, magazines, etc that I’m sure you have somewhere near your kitchen.  Yes, you have to go through and decide what to do with it all.

Once you’ve done that, open up your refrigerator and start checking expiration dates on your food.  If it’s old, toss it in the trash!  Don’t stop there.  Move on to your pantry and cupboards and start cleaning out all of your canned and dry goods making sure you know what you can keep.

It’s funny how so many times you bring home the same can of beans or box of pasta when you already had 2 or 3 in the back of a cupboard at home.

You will feel tired when you are finished, but I promise you will also feel better!

Idea #2: Declutter your computer and electronic devices.

If I were to ask you to show me your desktop at work, what would I find?  Is it overrun with files and folders all over the screen?

Take 2 hours this week and start creating folders to keep all of your important documents on your computer.  Don’t let the clutter creep into your online space too.

This is one area that can really help you if you are serious about starting your own online business.  Honestly, if your computer is a mess, then your online business probably will be too.

There’s nothing fancy about how you categorize, but I really like alphabetical lists.  They just make it easy to visually find something you are looking for.

One last note about your computer files – don’t be afraid to hit that delete button!  If you didn’t even know that picture or file was on your computer, you may not need it!

Idea #3:  Declutter your car.

Even if you work at home full-time, your car can quickly become a trash and “extra things” magnet.  I’ve heard stories of hiring managers who will take a potential new hire out to lunch just to see the condition of their car!

What would yours say about you?  Do you have it together on the outside, but inside is a mess?

But, Johnny, I have kids so you don’t understand how messy they can be!  I get it, life gets you and kids can leave quite a mess, but that doesn’t mean at least once a month you can’t give your car a good cleaning.

You’d be surprised how much better you will feel once you don’t hear all the books, papers, cans, and toys rolling around all over the place.

Idea #4: Declutter your commitments.

This last idea may be the most important, as well as the most difficult to do.  Take out a piece of paper or your phone and jot down every birthday, meeting, church outing, kid’s soccer game, etc. that you have.

Now that you have your list, rank each item on a scale of 1-10 with a 10 being the longest time commitment.  If you have more than 3 items ranking at a 10, you need to see if you can cut out some of your smaller commitments.

The last thing you want to do is suffer from burn-out and be unable to commit to anything at all!  Remember, it doesn’t mean that you have to say no to things forever, but you may have to say no this time.

Just because your kids did the school play last year doesn’t mean your family has the time for them to do it again this year.  That’s okay!

If you are trying to declutter your life this week, remember it’s most important to just take action!  Go to your attic, get 1 box out, and start organizing your life.

And then take some time and do another box, and then maybe another.  You can bring more peace and reduce stress in your life if you start to declutter today!

For everything there is a season […] A time to search and a time to quit searching.  A time to keep and a time to throw away. – Ecclesiastes 3:1,6 NLT


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