How to Know If You Should Change Careers

Do you find yourself putting in lots of hours each day only to go home feeling empty and disconnected from yourself and your family and friends?

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Are you doing just enough to get a paycheck and living for the weekend?

If you feel this way, let’s look at some questions to consider if you do find yourself wondering if you should change careers.

#1: Is your current work situation ideal?

One of the first steps we need to take to know if we should change careers is to evaluate our current situation.  Analyze your work environment – commute, size, flexibility, benefits, etc.  Has it changed dramatically since you accepted the position?

Maybe the unsettling feeling you have to change careers is due to factors that are not in your immediate control.  You cannot change how your company operates unless you are the CEO or owner.

Nevertheless, put yourself back in the driver’s seat of your life.  Make a list of the top 10 words or phrases that describe your career.  For example, your list can contain things like one hour commute, salaried position with benefits, weekend work required, constant phone contact, commission based salary, etc.

Now that you have a list, let’s look at the next question to ask yourself.

#2: Does your work match your personality?

Let’s face it, no matter how well we complete our work, we may still just feel out of place and unfulfilled.

We have all the personality types within us, but it’s important to know which ones are strongest and make us unique. There are 4 areas of personality that make you the person you are today.

Those areas are people interaction, problem-solving, managing day-to-day tasks, and responding to events/situations.

Here’s what you could do: take your list from question one and start to ask yourself which of those things match who you are by at least 75%.

If you don’t know where to start, I suggest investing in a DISC personality profile test or a Myers-Briggs personality profile test.  Once you have the results, ask yourself if your dominant personality types are a fit for your current career.

#3: What are your values, passions, and dreams?

Do you dream of the day you can work from home but you feel stuck?  Well, does your current company offer work from home positions?  If not, then you won’t fulfill this dream until you change careers.

Do you have a passion for achieving results but your team simply goes through the motions?  Start looking for another team to be a part of today.

Do you value work-life balance but are not finding it?  Take steps to see how you can create more balance in your current career.  If it does not seem possible, it may be time to change careers.

#4: Is there a paying market for your ideal career?

Honestly, I love to eat Mexican food, but it would be near impossible for me to find or create a job where I get paid well for eating Mexican food.

Career changes are similar.  Don’t just move from one thing to the next if there’s not a great paying market for you.  Living on beans and rice to get by is fine for a while, but your family will need more than that.

My word of advice for those I coach is to stay at their current jobs while they look for or start something on the side that fits them better.

So, is it time for you to change careers?  I don’t know for sure, but I do believe that if you take the time to evaluate your life, your hopes, your dreams, and your strengths you will come to the best conclusion for you.

Don’t wait any longer trying to make your career fit you.  Take action and begin finding or creating the work that you love to do.


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