How to ASAP Your Next Meeting

Whether you work in an office, lead a team of 15 employees, volunteer at your church or civic club, or coach someone one-on-one, I want to share with you an acronym that will help you have better and faster meetings.  Anyone who has worked in corporate America knows how much employees “love” going to another meeting.  Wrong!  Most employees feel that it interrupts their workday and is a waste of their time.  Here is an acronym we can all start to follow at our next one-on-one or group team meeting.

A – Appreciation

Make sure your meeting always starts out with the good stuff!  Even if you are just meeting with one person, let them know how much you appreciate their work ethic, honesty, results, etc.  No one wants to be part of gatherings that only ever tell how we aren’t meeting our sales goals or how we aren’t following the new HR policy correctly.  So, start off with the wins the team had.

S – Story

Is there a story that has made an impact to someone personally that could be shared in the group?  Maybe it’s a story from the leader’s life that will help the team connect with the departmental goals in a new way.  I have heard it said that salespeople are taught, “Facts tell but stories sell.”  What story can you tell that will sell your audience into buying you and your meeting today?

A – Announcement

Once appreciation has been shown and a story element has been brought to the meeting, it’s time to share the announcements and the real details of the meeting.  We all know that every meeting has a purpose and a topic to discuss, so now is the time to open that up for discussion.  Are there any new items?  Do that now that you have everyone’s attention.

P – Permission

Give everyone permission to go and do it!  Go write that book!  Go make those sales calls or finish that project.  Sometimes we need to hear someone tell us that we can do it.  If you are a Life Coach and you are helping your client rediscover who they are, you may need to verbally tell them that they have permission to be successful and have a greater life.  As a matter of fact, start giving yourself permission!  Tell yourself that you can be successful, that you can land that next job interview, or that you can be a better parent now!

I hope this acronym is helpful to you all and as always stay encouraged, my friends!


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