What to Do When Your AC Stops Working

As I write this blog post, our townhome currently has no AC in the upstairs. The downstairs is perfect, wonderful in fact. But upstairs, horrible!

You see, my wife and I like it cold, and I mean ice cold when we sleep. But hot air rises, and we definitely have our bedroom where the hot air rises. So tonight, it doesn’t sound like there will be very much sleeping in comfort, or will there be? How do we solve this since nether of us are mechanics?

First possible solution: call our landlord. This is a reasonable solution to our problem, but it’s 9  o’ clock, and even if he does send someone to fix our HVAC, we would be getting to bed too much later than we would like.

Second solution: call Dad.  My Dad is a building contractor and knows just about everything mechanical. Problem: Dad won’t answer his phone and probably won’t call back til after 11.

Third solution: YouTube it! I found a video that gives instructions for how to fix and overheated HVAC. So I hook up the garden hose and soak our unit trying my best to cool it off (with the power cut off of course). Problem – it still won’t turn back on.

(This is where I revert to the 4th solution and blame the dog. 😀)

Fifth solution: bring the box spring and mattress downstairs and sleep in the living room. Problem – the dog sleeps downstairs and would be too excited we were there and not leave us alone (again I’m blaming the dog).

Final solution: put fans in all the windows upstairs to pull the cool air into our room and push the hot air out of the house. Then, keep the AC downstairs on all night so that hopefully the upstairs will cool down even more.

I know this may be a simple situation, but in solving this I realized that there are always multiple solutions to the same problem. So often this world only gives us an A or B option, and in choosing that way we severely limit ourselves.  Dan Miller always encourages us to look for option C or D and so on.  Are you facing difficulties? Do you have a decision to make and you are not sure how to make it? My encouragement would be to come up with multiple solutions not just two and then choose the best one.  And if that solution does not work (like how I watered our HVAC) try another one!

Here’s to a cool night’s sleep! 😀


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