7 Steps to Finding Your Fit in a Career You Love

“Our greatest challenge in life is remembering who we really are.  Life is a cycle of remembering and forgetting.”  – Ted Dekker, Outlaw

In one of Ted Dekker’s great novels, Outlaw, the main character is faced with the task of remembering who he is after he leaves the comfort of the world he has known for his entire life.  This situation proves to be extremely difficult when he is faced with new experiences, new people, a new environment, and tragedy.  However, he learns to overcome this challenge by focusing in the moment, tapping into his inner being, and listening to the truths that he learned in his adolescence.

And that, my friends, is where we all need to begin.

Step 1 : Clarify Your Current Situation

Take an inventory of your life today.  Where are you?  Do you have a family? What’s your current living situation?  Do you have an education?  Does each day have a routine to it?  In order to know where we are going, we have to define where we currently are.  Just like on a map, we must know where we are starting in order to plan the route to get to our desired destination.

Step 2 : Focus on Who You Are

This step is where we need to spend the most time.  Our personalities are the foundation to who we are, so take the time to invest in personality tests like Myers-Briggs and the DISC profile.  We must look inward to uncover clues to finding our fit in work that we love.  Included in this step are listing out all of our skills, talents, and accomplishments.  Do not be shy about this list!  Make it as long as possible because we can always go back and trim it down later.

Step 3 : Find People to Support You

We cannot make a journey to find our fit in a career we love by doing it all alone.  Each one of us has family members, friends, coworkers, and community members who would gladly support us in this adventure.  But how can they support us if they do not know about it?  Yes, there will be naysayers, but we need to find a small group of believers who will encourage and challenge us along the way.

Step 4 : Find Your Catalyst

In science experiments, a catalyst is a substance that acts as a spark to speed up and make the reaction occur.  There will be a person or persons who will be that catalyst for us.  So, we need to keep attending conferences, reading books, and listening to inspirational messages until we find the one that clicks for us and propels us into action.

Step 5 : Take Action!

The first four steps are absolutely necessary, but they are almost worthless if we never take action.  Will Rogers once said, “It doesn’t matter if you’re on the right track; if you’re sitting still, you’ll still get run over.”  Write the book.  Start the blog.  Purchase the inventory.  Paint the picture.  Do whatever is possible to get started today!

Step 6 : Find Life Balance

We all live complex and diverse lives, and we must purposely make deposits and withdrawals in all areas.  Invest in your spouse, your family, your health, your social life, your spiritual life, your emotional life, your imagination, and your relaxation.  It is only when we have balance in our life that we can enjoy the complete journey.  We do not want to get to the top of our ladder only to find out we are alone and in poor health.

Step 7 : Enjoy the Moment

The only way to live life is to be in the present.  We have no other options, so we need to embrace it.  Life is too short to spend countless hours in worry, bitterness, and fear.  Express emotions, get help when you need it, and keep moving in the direction of your dreams.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”  Anne Frank



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