5 Reasons You Should Start Building Jigsaw Puzzles

Did you used to build jigsaw puzzles as a kid?  What about now?  Does it seem like something only “old folks” do to pass the time?  Well, this week I want to encourage you to go through that closet and pull out one of your jigsaw puzzles and get busy!  Here are 5 reasons I believe we should all start building jigsaw puzzles.
Puzzles are fun, relaxing, and engaging. You can do them by yourself or with others. It is a break from your routine and is a way to use tactile functions to accomplish building something.
Puzzles require visualization and attempts at trying to see if different pieces fit even if you are not sure. You have to think outside the box at times to determine the next part of the puzzle to tackle. Not only do you have to see the shape, you also must determine the color scheme and section the pieces should belong to.
There is no rushing when putting together a jigsaw puzzle. The bigger the picture generally the more pieces it will take to complete it. Often times the pieces can be quite small which require you to focus in on small areas at a time.
You constantly have to refer to and look at your end goal (the big picture). Of course you could attempt to do the puzzle without any idea what it is supposed to look like in the end, but that would add stress, increased difficulty, and a greater probability you will not finish the puzzle. In life, we need to set our goal and keep looking at it and referring to it as we take the tiny steps necessary to reach it. Without this big picture, we really have no idea what we are doing and can feel like a hamster in a wheel spinning nowhere.
When you finally put that last piece in its rightful place, there tends to be a sense of accomplishment that makes you just feel good! You did it! Not only did you finish, but now you can take a step back and admire your work. Look at what you put together! Some people admire their work so much they glue it together and frame it so they can always see it. So don’t forget to give yourself a smile and a pat on the back when you reach a goal. It does not matter how long it took you to get there. The bottom line is, you got there so feel good about it!
I hope this encourages you to set a goal and keep pushing until you reach it. Now, I need to get back to my puzzle and see about finishing that railroad section my wife and I worked on a few months ago.
Stay positive!

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