3 Reasons Why You Should Schedule a Vacation Now

Are you weighed down by so many responsibilities that you are at a breaking point? I mean, how much more can you really handle?  What can you do?

Schedule a Vacation

If you find yourself worn out, beaten, exhausted, and angry with others, it is beyond time for you to schedule a vacation! Let’s look at three reasons why you should go ahead and schedule a vacation now.

Reason #1: Because you and your family need time together!

Most of us are busy with our careers, families, churches, and friends. We have meetings at work, meetings at school, meetings at social events, and no time to just rest.

Living this way causes months and even years to pass by.  How many times have you heard someone say, “Where did the time go?”

Time isn’t a person.  It didn’t go anywhere.  It’s always the same. What changes is our perspective on time.

I heard an interesting view point from Oswald Chambers book, My Utmost for His Highest.  The speaker challenged his audience to start enjoying the present moment as a gift.  And that’s what I would encourage you to do.

You need a vacation!  Time will just keep ticking, so schedule a vacation now.

Reason #2: Because getting away consistently recharges you.

One of the main reasons people typically go on vacations is to “get away from reality.”  Usually, they are so stressed out with working in a career that does not fit them that they just can’t wait to leave it.  But that’s not good enough. Here’s why.

The vacation comes to an end quickly, and it’s back to reality.  So, to compensate, we spread vacations out over the year to have just enough away time to make it work.

When you schedule a vacation it should be a way to bring more balance to your life, not less.  Vacations are designed to recharge you physically and spiritually.  You may find your problem-solving skills increase when you return because you let your brain rest.

Schedule a vacation now.  Make sure it’s one that will recharge and refocus you on the most important things in life.

Reason #3: Because vacations are times to be present-focused.

I’ll be the first to admit, I love thinking about all the wonderful possibilities the future holds!  But I also realize that we cannot live anywhere but the present.

If a top reason for taking a vacation is to bring more balance, we need to intentionally focus on being fully present.

Our spouses, kids, and friends will benefit from living in the moment with us.

So, schedule a vacation and go try new things!  Travel to a place you’ve never been and do something you’ve never done. And each day, don’t be so scheduled that you can’t enjoy just being fully present with those you love.

Our lives are too short to sit back and wait for things to change.  Get out there and enjoy it with those you hold most dear!

Don’t wait until tomorrow.  Do it today.


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