3 Lessons I Learned While Hiking in the Rocky Mountains

This past week I spent some time in the Denver, CO area with a great friend of mine who lives out there.  My wife bought me the plane tickets for my birthday saying that I needed to “go have the adventure of a lifetime!”  Boy, did I ever have the adventure of my life!  If you have never been to the Rocky Mountains, I would suggest you get there as soon as you can.  Not only are they simply breathtaking, you will learn things from them that you can apply to your life.  Here are 3 life lessons I learned while being out in the majestic Rocky Mountains.

1.  Life will always find a way.

We hiked across rivers, up waterfalls, over boulders, and even on top of glaciers, and you know what I found out? Life always finds a way.  Flowers spring up behind the raging waterfalls.  Trees push through boulders to reach the sun.  Mountain goats raise their young at 14,000 feet above sea level.  And water finds its way down, around, through, over and under everything.

If life can always find a way, we can too!  Go through the obstacle, go around it, go over it….just find a way!

2.  Expect the unexpected.

When we were driving into the higher elevations of Rocky Mountain National Park we passed a sign that warned of the sudden weather conditions that could change at any minute.  Almost 5 minutes after passing that sign, the temperatures dropped 30 degrees, and it began to rain.  On another one of our hikes, some clouds rolled in, dropped hail on us, and then cleared completely.  The weather is completely unpredictable in the Rockies, and I loved that!

Here’s what I know: life is full of a cycle of seasons of change.  There is no way to avoid the change of seasons.  They will happen, so we need to learn how to embrace the change, enjoy our life and look forward to the next season.

3.  Life is better together.

My friend has called the Denver area home for almost 4 years now, and so I trusted him to be my guide through the city and the wilderness. Now, I could have “gone it alone” but it would not have been the same.  He knew how to climb the waterfall, so I trusted his instructions.  He knew how often to stop, drink water, and eat while climbing at such high elevations, so I trusted him.  He knew where the road was less traveled, and so I trusted him to take me there.

We cannot do life alone nor should we try (and I’m saying this as a very independent person!).  Certain people come and go in our lives, and that is fine.  But we need to hold on to the friendships that we have that are most dear to us and take time to invest in them.  Trust those who have gone before you and blazed a trail.  Expect uncertain things to happen, and above all find a way to get there wherever “there” is for you!

I hope this encourages you to take stock of your current situation in life and move forward in a positive direction.  Enjoy the journey!


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