In 2017, Give the Gift of LIFE!

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If we want to have a better life this next year, we should not spend our time reading and spreading negativity with every sad news story that comes our way. Instead, let’s start speaking life into others. Yes, there is heartache in the world, but there is also joy, beauty, and life!

Here are 3 ways to start giving out life this next year.

1.  Read and listen to good positive books and audio books.

There really is no excuse in the world we live in today to not have time to at least listen to a great book on audio.  My suggestion is to pick out at least two books that focus on the area of your life where you need the most encouragement – family, career, finances, etc.  Then, choose one more book that is just for fun and allows your imagination to run wild.  You never know what golden nuggets you may discover that will be the catalyst for your best year ever.

2.  Un-follow and/or block any negative friends and stories on your social media news feeds.

This one could prove to be difficult for people who have a personality that just wants to know what is going on.  Let me promise you this, if something happens that is serious enough in this world, you will hear about it eventually.  We live in a society that is constantly on, and unfortunately there is so much negativity that spreads and grows.  Your life will not change for the better if you are surrounded with death, destruction, lies and complaining all the time.  Choose better influences now!

3.  Expect the best in others.

Too often we allow perceived assumptions about “certain types of people” to cloud our perception of them.  Not every person you meet is out to deceive you or take advantage of you.  People are human beings and deserve to be treated with respect and be given the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise.  If you start expecting the best in others, I think you will start to find it.

I hope this encourages you to take positive moves forward this year so that you can begin or continue to be prosperous in 2017 and beyond!


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