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Mid-Life Career Coaching

Finding Your Fit in Work & Life

     Is Career Coaching For You?



41% of adults in the US are stressed about financial concerns. While 39% of us are stressed at work or in our professional lives.

Source: Statista

Job Satisfaction


Only 25% of employees report being “extremely happy, motivated and stimulated” by their current jobs.

Source: Bolste

Type of Work


49% of US employees say doing important work and having a feeling of accomplishment are the most important job factors.

Source: Statistic Brain

Get Your Roadmap for Making Life’s Big Decisions

Our coaches help you identify areas where you will perform best personally and professionally.


Our Career Coaching Process

Step One

Free 30 Minute Consultation


Speak with one of our career experts to identify your goals and decide if our services are right for you.

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Step Two

Personal Assessment


Let our certified assessors take you through personality and strengths assessments.

Assessment Sample

Step Three



Spend a few weeks in one one one sessions with a personal life and career coach matching your assessments to your goals.

Step Four



By the end of our process, you will have a personal roadmap against which you can measure your next major decisions.

Benefits of Career Coaching

with Finding Your Fit

You Don’t Have to Work So Hard

To Find Your Fit

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